Welcome to Foley's Russian Bees

Please note our new address for 2019. We moved just a few miles south of our old location, so no worries on a longer trip.

Our specialty is Russian queen breeding, nucs, and shipments of package bees. We begin taking pre-orders on products the 1st of every year starting at 10am central standard time. Store inventory will not update until that time.

Queens may note they are "sold out" at times of the year, but "like" our company's facebook page to receive notices on this. We only pre-sell a percentage of the queens we can produce. When we have extras it will be posted on facebook and then deleted when the last of each extra allotment are sold. We do not keep "lists" or reservations on queens.

We appologize to those of you who do not use Facebook. We needed a single way of sending out updates and have had bad experiences with lists.

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Foley's Russian Bees

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