About Us

Foley's Russian Bees breeding yard is located inside the city of Des Moines near Easter Lake. The area was notably devoid of any natural honeybees for years before our yards were introduced. Since that time we are proud to say that the pollination of gardens and small orchards have sky-rocketed (doing our part for the local community).

All of our beeyards (including the breeding yard) are nearly chemical FREE! We strive to only treat on those rare occasions where enough enviormental factors have added up to there being a risk with mite counts. The mite counts in our hives are so low year round that often times we can’t find a single mite during testing (Go Russians!). For good measure with mite control; we dust with powdered sugar every couple of months and utilized screened bottom boards on most of our hives. Some people note that there is no real evidence that the screens help with mites, but they seem to work for us, and at very least they are providing extra ventilation.

1770 East McKinley ave,
Des Moines, Ia 50320

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