Terms & Conditions

CONVENIENT WAYS TO PAY - Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, bank transfer, and cash at time of pick-up. Our billing is linked through paypal, so any transaction that normally can be done through them will work in our online store.

SHIPPING FEES - We currently only offer shipping on our Queen Bee orders. Nucs, package bees, and beekeeping equipment must be picked up at our location. Shipping fees are estimted through UPS and based off our typical order dimensions. If you have a larger order requiring additional shipping, we will upgrade your order and pay the additional costs.

INSURANCE ON LIVE DELIVERY OF BEES - USPS insures live deliver of bees under their Live Animal shipments. This is how we would have sent your orders out to you if you selected their service. UPS does and does not insure live delivery of animals (includng bees). If the package shows signs of damage (wet, crushed, etc), or was gravely miss-handled (left in a plastic bag hanging from a fence post on a hot sunny day), UPS will pay your claim. To file a claim you will need to go to the UPS web site and click on "file a claim". You will want a jpg photo of what you want to explain to them and a copy of the email showing how much you paid for the queens and shipping. If nothing is wrong with your package and you paid for "next day air" shipping, we will replace any dead queen you receive minus the new shipping costs. For instance, a person orders 20 queens "next day air" and recieves 19 good queens and one dead queen. Once that person decides on the type of shipping they would like and pays for the new shipping, we will send them the replacement queen on the very next cycle of queens. 

PICK UP ORDERS – A call before you come by helps us serve you in the fastest manner and in most cases we can have the order ready for you to pickup.

STATE SALES TAX – When applicable, we are required to collect sales tax by law.

Returns/Refunds/Cancelations/Exchages - We accept all returns/exchanges on equipment that you are unhappy with so long as it is in it's original condition, and done within 30 days of you receiving it. In some circumstances we may accept a return/exchange if you have modified the item (example: an assembled hive box you purchased as an unassembled hive box). This is done on a case by case situation, but is not the norm. Typically if you have modified or broken the merchandise it is yours indefinately. For package bees, russian queens, russian nucs, specialty hives, and any other type of item that is pre-ordered we DO NOT allow cancelations, exchanges, refunds, or returns unless.... mother nature affects the dates we've made agreements on for producing your items. If the fault lies with Foley's Russian Bees meeting their promised deadline, we do offer 100% refund of your purchase and will work with you to make things right. There is a single exception to this, cancelations on changed dates can't be made with less than a 15 day notice of the expected delivery date, or in the case of "Package Bees" after final sales have been tallied and funds wired to the producer. The main reason for our return policy is to prevent complications and possible death of polinators. While you may not think it tough to find an alternative buyer or use for the canceled order of some queens or packages, multiply that by a number of people and place that in the middle of a busy season and it can make for some tragically wasted bees. Please be responsible for these presious girls.



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