Russian Queen (June delivery)

Russian Queen (June delivery)
Russian Queen (June delivery) Russian Queen (June delivery) Russian Queen (June delivery) Russian Queen (June delivery)
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Russian Queens are some of the most sought after bees in today's beekeeping world. In general Russians winter better than other bees and are very aggressive towards other insects, yet relatively gentle to people. This aggression towards insects combined with cleaning habits results in excellent natural mite control for your hive. Russians are not "mite free" or "mite proof", there currently is no such strain of honey bee that is. Russians will provide you with much better mite loads than non-resistant stock! Please read our information on Primorsky Russian Bees to see side by side comparisons of various types of honey bees and to learn more about Russians.


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“Out of Stock” but you are determined to get some?
We make sure to account for Mother Nature and produce more queens than what we offer for "pre-order". Please follow our company Facebook page to get notices about this through the spring and summer.

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