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As part of our packages coming from Coy Honey Farms, we will have a limited supply of extra certified Russian queens we are bringing back with us for local distribution. Given that these queens are coming along with the bees we are picking up, we don't plan on shipping any of these. From the perspective of the queen, that would be like shipping her twice and we feel that is too much. We're mainly bringing in this extra chunk to meet the requests of customers who want extra queens when ordering nucs and packages. If you live far away and pick-up is not possible for you, please look to our June/July/August queens we produce ourselves. 

Russian Queens are some of the most sought after bees in today's beekeeping world. In general Russians winter better than other bees and are very aggressive towards other insects, yet relatively gentle to people. This aggression towards insects combined with cleaning habits results in excellent natural mite control for your hive. Russians are not "mite free" or "mite proof", there currently is no such strain of honey bee that is. Russians will provide you with much better mite loads than non-resistant stock! Please read our information on Primorsky Russian Bees to see side by side comparisons of various types of honey bees and to learn more about Russians..

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Coy Russian Queens (Weekend of April 27th/28th)

  • $35.00

  • 10 or more $32.00

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