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Package Bee Shipping and Delivery FRB offers a shipping and delivery service to large honey producers, organizations, and clubs. We sell packages in our local area, but recognize the need both by large producers and organizations outside of our reasonable area to have bees brought into them. We offer climate controled shipping from the bee source of your choosing to your location. Ultimately if you are in need of over 200 packages, it’s cheaper to make these arrangements than it is to purchase them through a local reseller in your area. Prices and availability vary so contact us for additional informatiion. Carpenty & Millwork Our company works some with local mills to provide you with a number of choices in your hive boxes and wooden ware. For those of you who like to varnish or stain your hives we have some choices of premium woods that can be requested by speaking to us. The most popular wood we comonly make hives out of is Aromatic Red Cedar with its vibrant red and purple veining, and natural resistance to the elements. We try to keep aromatic cedar equipment stocked, but due to demand and rarety of the wood we often sell out and have to wait on shipments of the wood before we can restock. This has resulted in us often times offering these hives on a pre-order basis. A Little Humor If one couldn't tell from the old Soviet icon in our logo, we have a bit of a love for some of the “stereotypes” of the former USSR. Many of our hives and locations have names coming from cities and landmarks in Russia. Our very first hive was dubbed Moscow and from there it all sprung; Chernobyl, Rustov, St. Petersburg, etc... We refer to our nucleous hives as nuclear vessles and some of them have names of Soviet military vessels (both real and from movies - yes Red October is among them). You might even find a few youtube videos on the web of us going through hives and speaking in thick russian accents. We like to claim that it helps to calm the bees, and let them know we were taking the honey not for capitalism, but rather "for the greater good of our government". For any that take even the slightest offense to this, know that we don't take war as a practical joke. Nor do we feel that modern day Russia or the former USSR are a joke. In fact we have a lot of respect for both governments and military along with that our countries have shared. The humor is simply derived from a childhood love of overboard movies. A perfect example would be Chevy Chase and Dan Akroid in "Spies Like Us". Well, tie that into beekeeping and bingo, Foley's Russian Bees. Beekeeping started out a fun hobby and regardless of how much it may grow for us, we certainly want to keep that same love and enjoyment present in our company.